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The fine art of creating fragrance is as old as the land itself. Today Prithvi endeavours to revive this ancient art in a range of 16 singular fragrances. All derived 100% from nature and meticulously put together by natural processes. Using natural herbs, tree gum, wild honey, clarified butter mixed with attar, arks and oils of sandal, wood, mask, a variety of floral essences and aromatic plants mixed into a paste and rolled onto bamboo sticks manually by a traditional techniques. Every stick is bursting with pure nature – unlike the modern day incense sticks, which are dipped into chemicalsm to achieve their aromas. The differences in noticeable, not just by a discerning sense of smell. Unlike other incense sticks prithvi Sticks are uneven in texture and soft to touch. When exposed to air the aroma is enhanced even more – another feature that distinguishes the brand from the ordinary sticks, which lose fragrance on exposure to air. Prithvi Fragrance Sticks are about 8.5 inches long and burn for more than one hour (three times more than others). Filling your senses with a frafrance-evoked serenity. Retaining their fragrance for as long as ten years. Availability in 16 exotic fragrance which capture the essence of flora, spices and herbs. So let these magical fragrance ticks enrapture you in a world of peace and harmony

Welcome to a World of Serenity......
The True Fragrance of India !! We look forward to the journey with you !!!

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